Thank you for volunteering your time and talent to Songtsen Gampo Buddhist center of Cleveland.  As a non-profit, membership driven organization we rely on the kind generosity of our volunteers to support our programs through planning, organization and service.

As a community, we are dedicated to:

  • Developing a supportive community of Buddhists and non- Buddhists alike.
  • Sponsoring Lamas so they can share the Buddha’s teachings with all.
  • The practice of compassion and participation in the greater community.
  • Providing a peaceful refuge open to all for meditation, learning and practice.

We value your participation in our center activities to share the Dharma and benefit all sentient beings.  

Volunteer Coordinator:  Sheila O’Rourke

Housekeeping:  Sharon Kryza

*As we grow we will continue to develop more committees and need more committee chairs.

Basic Guidelines for Volunteers:


  • Scheduling will be completed by committee chairs
  • Committee Chairs will create a monthly schedule.  The monthly schedule will be give to Sheila by the first of each month.  Schedules may be made for longer periods of time if a committee decides that works best for them.
  • A master volunteer calendar will be posted on our website and a hard copy will be posted at the center
  • If you are unable to volunteer at your assigned time please find a replacement.   A list of volunteer contact information will be provided.  If you can’t find a replacement contact your committee chair.


Questions and Concerns

Questions, concerns and even problems arise at different times.  Please let Sheila or the committee chairperson know when this happens.  We are happy to help and make sure things run smoothly and efficiently.

  • Committee chairs will answer questions and concerns
  • Volunteer coordinator will address all other questions and concerns