Ani Palmo is available to speak at your school, business, club or church on any of the topics listed on this page or on a subject of your choosing. She has participated in interfaith panels and spoken at various schools, universities, clubs and churches about Buddhism in general and about her personal journey.

In these sessions we explore a variety of subjects, including: Calm Abiding Under Pressure, How to Be Happy and Overcoming Anger 

Ani Palmo will also lead guided meditations each session, including: Calm Abiding, Clarity of Mind, and Love

We all feel better when our body and minds are calm and at ease. Yet, too often we find ourselves feeling anxious and short-tempered as the stresses of life, work, and family obligations build one upon the other.

In this session, Ani Palmo will be offering ways to calm the mind and create the space for stillness, even under stress.

Guided Meditation:
 Calm Abiding

Most everyone has the desire to be compassionate, but sometimes finds it difficult to practice. We may feel overwhelmed by our own problems, or frustrated by the people in our lives. This session is an opportunity to go beyond our inner obstacles toward developing a sincerely compassionate heart.

Join Ani Palmo for a discussion on The Compassionate Heart. She will also  be giving instruction for a meditation designed specifically to develop compassion.

Guided Meditation:
 The Practice of Exchange

The Buddha's first teaching was all about how to overcome suffering.  He spent the rest of his life teaching others how to be happy. Happiness is not something that comes by chance, but rather something we can create the causes for, something we can cultivate.

In this presentation Ani Palmo shares the Buddha's practical teachings for developing more happiness in our lives. She will also be giving a guided meditation on Developing Calm and Compassion.

Guided Meditation:
 The Practice of Exchange 

Everything is impermanent--our possessions, relationships, life itself.  Coming to terms with impermanence, even celebrating impermanence,  is one of the major keys to wisdom and well-being. This is why the Buddha  called the contemplation of impermanence the King of All Practices.

Learn how to use your understanding of impermanence to bring more peace and wisdom into your life.

Guided Meditation:
 Contemplation on Impermanence

Are we as loving as we would like to be? In reality, our capacity for loving is boundless, but sometimes our habitual patterns keep us from expressing it. Fortunately, there are methods for developing the love inherent in our own hearts to its fullest potential.

In this session, Ani Palmo will discuss the ways we can develop love for the benefit of ourselves and others.

Guided Meditation:
On Love

Sometimes we feel stuck in a rut, reacting in habitual,  often harmful ways to the same stimulus again and again. Entangled in our habits of insecurity, or rage, or jealous competition, we may feel hopeless and caught.  But actually, the mind is very workable. We are quite free.

In this session, Ani Palmo will be sharing the wisdom of the Buddha on the nature of mind. 

Guided Meditation:
 Clarity of Mind

Death is the one thing we can be certain of, and the one thing for which we are least prepared. If we learn how to face the challenges of stress, change, and the unexpected with calm, wisdom and compassion now, we will be prepared for anything we may face in the future.

Join Ani Palmo for this profound, yet practical discussion.

Guided Meditation:
 Death Awareness

The biggest obstacles to developing love and compassion are hatred and anger. Yet, these are mere habits we have developed over time. By developing our innate power of wisdom, patience, and compassion we can overcome the destructive force of anger which is harmful both to ourselves and others.

Learn the tools for generating a peaceful heart and becoming a calmer person.

Guided Meditation:

The Dalai Lama tells us that cherishing others is the cause of all our happiness, and self-cherishing is the cause of all our suffering. So, if we want to attain the happiness we seek, we need to learn how to put others before ourselves.

There are excellent methods within the Buddha's teachings that can cure  our self-centric heart. Join Ani Palmo for discussion and meditation on this essential subject, and take home some tools for gaining happiness!

Guided Meditation:
On Love

align="left">Usually we focus on all that inspires gratitude in us only once a year--when  we celebrate Thanksgiving. Yet, gratitude is something we can develop on a daily basis. We have so much. This practice encourages us to recognize and celebrate all the goodness in our lives and to use it to make the world a better place.

Guided Meditation:
 Appreciating Our Life

Immeasurable love is to have love for all beings without exception. Boundless compassion is to have no limits on who receives our compassion. Sympathetic joy, an antidote to jealousy, is to generate happiness for others when they are successful and happy. Equanimity, the ability to cultivate non-distinction between those we are close to and those who are distant, is what makes it all possible.

In this session we will discuss how to practice the Four Immeasurables in our lives. 

Guided Meditation:
 Developing Equanimity

There have been women practitioners of all kinds in the Buddhist tradition since its inception. Beginning with the first nuns at the time of the historical Buddha, women have demonstrated their skill and deep interest in following the path to enlightenment. Unfortunately, as Buddhism developed in misogynistic cultures, some of the cultural limitations for women carried over into how they were treated regarding spiritual practice. 

Fortunately, the situation for women in Buddhism both east and west has changed dramatically over the past few decades. In this discussion, Ani Palmo will discuss the position and evolution of women from the time of the Buddha to the present day and beyond.

Guided Meditation:
 Developing Equanimity

Thus far I have spoken at the following venues:

American Greetings
Beaumont High School 
Church of the Covenant
Cleveland State University: Women and Spirituality Symposium
East Shore Unitarian Church 
Delphic Books 
The Diabetes Association of Greater Cleveland 
First Unitarian Church (led Sunday service)
Friends Meeting (Quakers) 
Hospice of the Western Reserve
John Carroll University
Lakeland Community College
Mandel School of Applied Social Sciences, CWRU 
Notre Dame College
Oberlin College
Perry Elementary School 
River's Edge
Rx Yoga
The Tuesday Study Club
Urban Hope 
West Shore Unitarian Universalist Church 
Youngstown State University