Songtsen Gampo Buddhist Center of Cleveland: Tsok


Tsok is a ritual involving food offerings and prayers that is meant to repair samaya, create merit, and bring one to the state of non-duality. It is celebrated on Guru Rinpoche and Dakini day according to the Tibetan calendar. Please join us!

Bring something vegan to add to our bountiful and beautiful offering. Foods that are easy to divide among many bowls such as nuts, chips, apples, oranges, carrots, (pretty much any fruits and vegetables) bread, chocolate, cookies, cupcakes, popcorn, crackers, trail mix…. Please be sure to read the ingredient labels on foods apart from fruits, veggies, and nuts as there are often dairy products in them.

The idea is to present a beautiful and generous offering. At the end we divide up some of the food for you to take home, so please remember to bring a container or plastic bag too.

Learn more about tsok here.